Ondiveeran History Revival Meet



One who is ignorant of one’s own history cannot make history”, said Dr. Ambedkar. In line with this philosophy, Aathithamizhar Peravai has been embarked on bringing the history of Arunthathiyars to its community and to the world. One such effort of ATP is the “brave heart” (Maaveeran) Ondiveeran Pagadai history revival meet.

These were the people who and their ancestors were humiliated and belittled with slurs as Sakili, Payaran and Pallan. These were the people who were used by the upper caste Hindus as messengers to deaths, drummers and gravediggers. But when the British came to India to take every one as their slaves, Ondiveeran was one of these same people who were treated as slaves by the upper caste Hindus stood for them against the guns of the British in 1755. Ironically, Ondiveeran’s history is being buried and suppressed.

Arunthathiyars have lost education, land, wealth and this has led to the fact that even today they are an oppressed community. “Ondiveeran History Revival Meet” held on 22 August 2010 by ATP is a sign that Arunthathiyars are ready to regain their lost history and glory!


- Recognition of Ondiveeran's freedom struggle as India's first freedom struggle

- Construction of a bell tower and a full figure statue in Thirunelveli in memory of Ondiveeran

- Inclusion of Ondiveeran's history as a curriculam in school text books .

**Response of the Government to the demands of ATP**

- Tamil Nadu Government has advertised for a tender to build a bell tower and a statue of Maveerar Ondiveeran in Thirunelveli - TENDER NOTICE



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